Biosystem Access Series

Automatic LN2 Refrigerators.
The Biosystem 12, 24 and 50 models are designed to provide frequent-access users with rapid specimen storage and retrieval.
Full control and security backup is provided by a class-leading microprocessor controlled-system.
State of the art construction allied with the very latest in super-insulation techniques ensure that the Biosystem Access Series offer a unique combination of security and economy along with excellent isothermal properties.
Every Biosystem Access series container can be configured for either liquid (-196°C),or Vapour phase storage.
In vapour-phase operation, our design-flexibility is such that units can be configured to store at temperatures from – 150°C to as low as -190°C.
Every Biosystem Access Series unit is backed by our comprehensive 5 year vacuum Warranty and further compliance with the EC Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC

Access series Features:

  • Castor mounted for easy location and movement within laboratory
  • Full width top opening for quick access placing and retrieving samples
  • Key operated lockable lid for complete access security
  • Smooth surface high efficiency insulating neck plug for easy cleaning
  • Painted stainless steel top plate for strength and no corrosion
  • Coloured anodised storage racks available for easy identification
  • Full operation and insulation instructions provided
  • Installation, training, commissioning and on site maintenance are available
  • worldwide
  • De-Fog and quick chill functions for good visibility on lid opening and
  • accelerated-re-cooling after lid is shut.
  • Control Systems can cope with LN2 pressure range from 20 to 40 psi.

New Arctic version Very cold and Very Dry

  • Super chill copper liner fitted as standard for vapour phase storage at -190C
  • Copper lining generates uniformity in temperature gradient
  • Solid plinth of 140mm so racks sit above the LN2
  • No dripping racks when samples are removed
  • Solid plinth for more stable racks
  • Shorter racks for easier lifting
  • Stainless steel racks can be used and will be below -150C (option)
  • Easy to check LN2 levels with a dipstick
  • Easy to pour in LN2 in the event of an emergency
  • Vapour guard feature provides guaranteed non contact between samples and liquid nitrogen.
  • (Biosystem 24 and 50 only)
  • Able to cope with pressures of up to 3 bar, and works on pipelines

Biorack Series

Ultra-Low loss storage refrigerators with internal racks

Holding 750 to 6000 2ml cryovials.

96 Well Plates, Cryobox, Goblet, Straw, Cord Blood, Cane, Blood Bags, 5ml Tubes, Falcon Tubes & Vial storage

Liquid or Vapour

Suitable for IVF Samples

High Thermal Efficiency

Data Logging

MDD 93/42/EEC Compliant

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