The DrySyn range of products were developed as a safe alternate to Oil baths and heating mantles, saving customers the cost of buying and disposing of oil and saving on energy

The CondenSyn waterless reflux condensers are environmentally friendly option by saving 2L of water per hour using the waterless condenser instead of a Liebig style condenser

Benchtop Synthesis Tools

 Complete solutions for benchtop reactions, including DrySyn oil-free heating blocks and CondenSyn waterless air condensers, a wide range of laboratory hotplate stirrers and scientific glassware.


  • Individually hand made using unique design
  • Lightweight and does not need a clamp or tie
  • Avoid Risks of Flooding
  • Environmentally friendly saving 2L/hour of water
  • Can be used under vacuum
  • Easy to clean and comes in various joints
  • Distillation adapter available
  • Saves space in hoods with no water connections

DrySyn Multi Blocks

  • Parallel Synthesis with stirring of 27 samples
  • Avoid  Silicone Oil Baths and Heating mantles
  • Low cost solution for simple synthetic reactions
  • Ideal for producing small focused libraries
  • Unique heat resistant handles
  • Fits a range of tubes, vials for various applications
  • Flexibility – Flasks, reflux, gas control and vortex stirring add on options

DrySyn Single heating and cooling blocks

  •  Avoid  Silicone Oil Baths and Heating mantles
  • Use 25ml to 1000ml flasks with DrySyn Classic
  • DrySyn MAXI & Super MAXI for 2L – 5L flasks
  • Unique heat resistant handles
  • Powerful stirring with most hotplate stirrers
  • Low profile for reaction visibility
  • Works on most Hot-Plate Stirrers

DrySyn Spiral Evaporators


  • Evaporate four samples in DrySyn tubes directly
  • Fast and effective evaporation without solvent bumping
  • Rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF and water in tubes without heating to high temperatures
  • Unique heat resistant handles




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