Liquid Nitrogen Generators

We provide compact Liquid Nitrogen generators that will produce Liquid Nitrogen on demand from Air in an automated and unattended mode and will continue to provide custom solutions for transfer and delivery of Liquid Nitrogen to applications including vacuum jacketed piping, vacuum insulated flex hoses etc.
liquid Nitrogen Solutions

What We Do

Instrucan Scientific was founded by a Biophysicist with over 20 years in scientific instruments in north America.

VISION: Providing solutions to customers who currently use Liquid Nitrogen and have this delivered. An environmentally friendly method of generation of Liquid Nitrogen from thin air using systems manufactured by leaders in compact reliable low maintenance liquid Nitrogen generation systems with a variety of capacities to cater to users of small to large volumes.

Advanced Technology

Liquid Nitrogen Generators


Liquid nitrogen generators remove the need for costly and inconvenient deliveries of liquid nitrogen and handling of cryogenics. Our Liquid Nitrogen generators from Noblegen cryogenics are the most compact and fastest growing Liquid Nitrogen generator company who have the “coolest” plug and produce solutions to address your liquid nitrogen requirements.

Andrology Laboratories

In Vitro Fertilisation and Andrology Laboratories require Liquid Nitrogen for cryopreservation of sperm and tissue samples. The need to maintain samples in frozen condition while shipping samples between laboratories and clinics.

Beverage and drinking water

Beverage and drinking water manufacturers need to dose Liquid Nitrogen into their bottles, cans to build pressure for reduction of amount of plastic needed and ability to stack product. Liquid Nitrogen helps avoid oxidation of the product and improve shelf life of products.

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